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    In Focus

    To sustain Nitto’s growth

    Message from the President

    Placing ESG at the Core of our Management

    The Nitto Group will continue to enhance corporate value with ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) at the core of our management. These days, it seems that the term “non-financial” has become a buzz word in the business circle, but we deliberately chose not to use this when we refer to "something that is not financial” and instead use “unfinanced,” as we believe that, although that “something” may not have any financial value now, it will develop into “something financial” and start yielding profits. ESG is all about a “unfinanced something” that will be a source of returns in the future. As such, we consider our ESG initiatives to be assets and forward-looking investments that will enhance our corporate value over the mid- and long-term.

    Going forward, we are led by the reinvented concept of “customers” to include not only “those whom we come in contact with directly” but also the global environment, humankind, and society in general. Of course, we will stick to the Niche Top Strategy to keep our valued customers satisfied with our products, but any and all products that we will deliver must have something that contributes to the global environment and humankind, on top of top-notch technology and quality. I believe that this will cement our position as a reliable, first choice partner for our customers.
    In order to ensure that our attitude toward sustainability is reflected in everything that we do, the Nitto Group has identified Our Prospects for 2030 and material issues for sustainability. Furthermore, we’ve placed ESG management at the core of our new mid-term management plan "Nitto Beyond 2023," which we mapped out to achieve these goals.
    It is safe to say that ESG initiatives will spread throughout the global community and that market needs will surely change as a result. With this in mind, we will hone our skills to anticipate change, be the first to accurately identify risks and opportunities, and let ESG initiatives guide us to business opportunities, in an effort to simultaneously solve social issues and create economic value.

    Hideo Takasaki
    Representative Director, President
    CEO, COO

    髙﨑 秀雄

    PlanetFlags/HumanFlags Recognition Scheme

    The Nitto Group has come up with a new recognition scheme for products that are friendly to the environment and human life. We showcase the positive contributions that our products and services make for planet Earth and human life and recognize those with a particularly high level of contributions by attaching “PlanetFlags” or “HumanFlags,” in an effort to embody “Co-creating value through innovation,” one approach of our material issues for sustainability.

    PlanetFlags/HumanFlags and Material Issues for Sustainability

    PlanetFlags/HumanFlags Certified Products


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