Take off the veil ...

  • It’s a huge COLOCOLO?! 60 times larger than an actual product,
    this huge COLOCOLO? is 10 meters wide, 3 meters tall, and has a volume 200,000 times larger. The interior of COLOCOLO? is a museum that you can easily enter.

  • Inside the COLOCOLO? you can see technology and products that are representative of Nitto.
    A transdermal absorption tape formula that brings drugs from the skin into the body is one of the products that Nitto has developed. The museum showed many other Nitto technologies near and dear to everyone such as Nitto’s adhesive technology that brought you the COLOCOLO? and a polarizing film used in smart phones.

  • his huge COLOCOLO? suddenly appeared on the first floor of Kitte, nearby the Marunouchi entrance of Tokyo Station. This mysterious sight made many people stop in their tracks and take a look inside the COLOCOLO?. Commemorative photographs with message boards in hand were also available in front of the COLOCOLO?. The Nitto Innovation Museum was held at the Tokyo venue over the course of four days.

  • Tokyo event report

    15th (Friday) - 18th (Sunday) October 2015. During this four-day period, many people gave us words of encouragement such as “So, we even have this kind of technology in Japan?” and “keep up the great work.” We warmly thank all those who visited. Please look for the Nitto technology that we introduce to you here in the world around you.

    Osaka event report Osaka event report

    From Nitto

    The Nitto Innovation Museum was held at the Osaka venue for two days on Friday and Saturday, October 23–24, 2015. We often heard surprised comments from visitors such as “such advanced technology is actually being used?” We feel that it was a good opportunity for people to know Nitto’s technology. We hope to create more opportunities to disseminate information to everyone while driving our research and development to amaze and inspire our customers.

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