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    In 1918, Nitto was founded in Osaki, Tokyo,
    paving the way for domestic production of electrical insulating materials.

    Nitto Group continues to work with customers,
    offering various products and developing business globally.

    Nitto will continually challenge to inspire the world
    and create values that a society recognizes,
    taking the changes of the society as an opportunity.

    Business Area / Markets

    Everywhere, Comfortable Life

    Nitto has continued its challenges with
    the near future in mind in areas no one else has ever challenged.

    Nitto’s Core Technology

    Creations Made Possible
    by Technological Excellence

    Since its establishment in 1918, Nitto has created products based on its core technologies and
    has contributed to customer’ value creation with innovative ideas.

    Adhesion Technology

    The adhesive technology of tapes are used in a wide variety of applications due to their convenience. Unlike glue, tapes become fixed upon application. Under many different environmental conditions, Nitto has designed adhesive agents that will stick firmly.
    Nitto also develops adhesive control technology that allows adhesives to stick firmly when necessary and remove easily without damage to objects.
    Other adhesive technology includes products with various features such as “capturing,” “protecting,” and “enduring.”

    Coating Technology

    Coating technology allows for the application of various materials over base materials/supports to give them different qualities. Nitto specializes in adding layers with different features to films and sheets by utilizing methods such as submicron-thin coating, picture coating, lamination, etching and porous membrane formation.
    In addition, Nitto employs its polymerization, dispersion and mixing technologies to form thin layers. Nitto also utilizes its film-handling and laminating technologies to develop adhesive sheets and highly functional films.

    Polymer Function Control Technology

    In order to offer products with a variety of functions, Nitto integrates its techniques to create and process polymer materials. Through organic/inorganic hybrid, alloy and blend technologies, Nitto is able to create functional polymers through synthesis and polymerization as well as design highly functional polymers. By processing the polymers with stretching, porosity forming and surface modification technologies, Nitto is able to invent a variety of functional materials.
    *The animation is an example of light controlling technology. In addition, Nitto is developing various technologies, including one that allows air to pass through but not water and one that allows light to pass through but not heat.

    Polymer Analysis and Evaluation Technology

    By looking at causes to outcome projections, Nitto delivers outstanding performance and reliability to forge a path forward into the future. Nitto incorporates its analyzation, evaluation and simulation techniques into product design to deliver highly reliable products. This is achieved by carrying out extensive performance evaluation and durability analysis on all finished products. In addition, by evaluating actual applications, Nitto is able to suggest the best products, optimal use and conditions for use.
    *The animation is an acoustic evaluation of a car

    Business Development

    Responding to Global Needs

    As times and places change, needs diversify.
    Nitto has expanded its global market share through its Global Niche Top? and Area Niche Top? strategies,
    continuing its challenge to create new values all around the world.


    102 102


    Employees (consolidated)

    29,704 29,704


    Sales (consolidated)

    8,562 8,562

    Billion JPY

    Overseas Sales

    74.1 74.1


    *As of April, 2021

    Onward, Toward the Future

    Societies and industries surrounding people change on a daily basis.
    Foreseeing a great change in the future environment,
    Nitto continues to create new businesses,
    strategically focusing on and strengthening 3 areas.

    Contributing to Safer Transport

    Next Generation Mobility

    The demand for electronic car products is on the rise as the auto industry is currently developing more electronic vehicle and self-driving technologies. To keep with this trend, Nitto is developing visible-light blocking material to avoid sunlight concentration as well as products to improve motor performance and promote safety. Nitto is also developing products for other transportation equipment beyond automobiles.

    Contributing to People’s Health

    Life Science Business

    The core of Nitto’s life science business, Oligonucleotide medicine, consists of contract manufacturing and drug discovery.
    Within contract manufacturing, Nitto is working with Bristol-Myers Squibb to develop medicines that cure cirrhosis. In addition, Nitto is pursuing technological applications to cancer treatment drugs.
    Drug discovery offers a one-stop support system for the development of oligonucleotide medicines which covers everything from creation to analysis to aseptic packaging.

    Supporting the Information Society


    As the world transitions to a highly networked information society based on high-speed, large-capacity communications, Nitto is entering the field of plastic optical cables which are suitable for short distance communications. Plastic optical cables are expected to be applied in various areas such as 8k resolution broadcasting, remote healthcare, data centers and electronic vehicles.
    Displays for smartphones have evolved as seen in flexible, wearable devices. Nitto is developing new products together with clients by capitalizing on its expertise in comprehensive designing.

    Know More About Nitto

    Nitto Helps Customers
    Create Value with New Ideas

    Nitto Group hopes to maintain an attitude of
    relentlessly pursuing products, systems, and ideas that customers may find useful.
    Please see below for its markets, corporate information, etc.

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